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Pray Hard - Muslim Belal

Brand: Muslim Belal

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Muslim Belal 'The Street Muaddhan' grew up in south London. He converted to Islam in 2002! The former rapper has spent the past year touring the country delivering his story 'From the street to Islam' to inspire other Muslims young and old.

He tells his story in a unique poetic style, which will leave you inspired and amazed. Belal is not only a spoken word poet, but a successful British actor and writer as well. To further inspire the youth, Belal delivers workshops and thought provoking talks at youth clubs, universities and varies events.

Track List
1. Intro (Abdullah Rolle)
2. Pray Hard
3. Cold Outside ft Abdullah Rolle
4. Salam Salam Salam
5. Forgive Me Please ft Mahdud
6. Gunz n' Roses ft Abdullah Rolle
7. From the Streets to Islam ft Abdullah Rolle
8. Ya Khaliq (Kazi Md Abidur Rahman)
9. Goodbye Yesterday
10. Muslim Boy ft R U Kid
11. Prayer is My Weapon
12. Saudi Arabia
13. Judgement Day
14. Allah, The Prophet, My Mother
15. Be Careful + Fearful ft Mecca 2 Medina
16. Pow Pow Pow
17. Like a Soldier ft Abdullah Rolle, Masikah Feesabilillah & Spitz
18. Traveller
19. Outro

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