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The Transition - Muslim Belal

Brand: Muslim Belal

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A streetwise, former rapper from South London U.K., Belal converted to Islam when he was 19 years old. He is both an actor and an artist in his own right and a name that is very well acquainted and firmly embedded into the British Muslim youth.

After his conversion, Belal decided to give up rapping to focus on his studies for which he travelled to Egypt in 2004, where he also lived for a short while.

Since returning from Egypt, Belal became very popular with the youth on the 'streets' as well as in the UK media. He appeared on several TV shows such as Dispatches and Four Minute Wonder, where he was interviewed on his conversion. Belal then went on to tour at several UK universities and youth organisations where he told his story of how he came from the Streets to Islam in a unique poetic style.

In 2009, Belal single-handedly organised a 'one man show' to launch his first long awaited album 'Pray Hard' which was completely sold out before the event had even started. This was the start of Belal's career as a serious Muslim artist. That same year he supported SHAAM on their tour and also appeared on the 'I am Malcolm X' tour in 2008.

Belal has now shot to fame in the Islamic community and spent the last two years touring the UK and Europe. Muslim Belal aims to use his poetry to attract and inspire more and more young people from all religions, reaching out to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. He wishes to use his experiences to help steer young people away from a life of crime and towards the Guidance that he found in Islam. His story will leave you amazed and inspired.

Track List
1. Intro
2. I see Clearly
3. The Transition
4. Disappointment
5. Redemption poem
6. Street Muadhin
7. Standing there
8. Like a soldier 2
9. Prison poem
10. Freedom ft Lowkey
11. ViVa Philistine
12. Tears
13. Praise him daily
14. Sumaya
15. As salamu alaikum
16. Outro

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